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Taking Risks with Color

We like to live by the motto that what you surround yourself with brings you joy. Color can be the vehicle to joy. Color can also be applied with a tiny brush or with a board stroke. We often need a special place to can go and escape. You can enlist color is just one room, rather than the whole house.

One of our favorite spaces we designed was bright, happy sunroom for a client in Upstate New York. This is a space with tons of natural sunlight and no television to promote creativity. We used a deep, bold pattern for the seat cushion and bright, graphic pattern for the main structure of the custom sectional. It is an awkwardly long thin space, so we wanted the space to be all about the a big design moment in the sectional. We used light weight tables that could flexible and easily be moved around, along with a game table to ground the corner of the room.