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Fall 2023 Trends: Chrome, Chain, and Concrete

You’ve probably heard about the 4 C’s of diamonds, but what about the 3 C’s of design?

This fall, the biggest trends we’re seeing are concrete, chrome, and chain. These all have serious potential to create unexpected design moments. With the contrast of rigid, uncompromising materials used to form sculptural, organic silhouettes, they provide a fantastic mix of hard with soft.

Here are a few pieces we’re absolutely loving:


There’s a perception that concrete can only be used in strictly industrial spaces and designbut it offers an opportunity to create something truly unique out of an ostensibly pedestrian material. This coffee table embodies both form and function, playing with balance and harmony in a refreshing mint finish.

Leo Coffee Table in Mint Green. Created by Stone by Design.


Chrome offers drama. It introduces sculptural design moments and its reflective surface brings light into your space in a distinctive way. This Septem Stool by Axel Chay is inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, and possesses a tangible, modern presence.

Leo Coffee Table in Mint Green. Created by Stone by Design.


Although chains are composed of uniform, rigid units, they can be used to create delicate and elegant silhouettes. We are loving this piece by Danica Casper, which pairs thoughtfully draped chains with organic shapes and light, creating a visual mix of hard and soft. The matte finish and monochrome neutral color add just the right jolt of unexpected.

Piece by Danica Casper.

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