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Into the Fold: New Fabric Sources We Love

At Jen Talbot Design, we are constantly seeking new vendor sources. Not only does it provide a great opportunity to support one-of-a-kind businesseswe particularly love working with women-owned companiesbut it also encourages us to expand our creative boundaries.

The best design lives in the uneasy place at the edge of our comfort zone, and new sources encourage us to constantly change our perspective and explore new ideas — resulting in innovative designs we absolutely love.

Finding new sources takes time and effort, but ultimately pays off. We have success establishing fruitful connections at convenings like HD Expo, High Point Market, exploring Instagram, and relying on our reps.

Fabric selections have the potential to make or break designs. Here are a few new fabric sources that we absolutely love:

  • Erica Shamrock – Serving the hospitality and contract market, this woman-founded business provides commercial fabrics with an elevated look and feel at an affordable price point.

  • Casamance – A French editor of luxury fabric and wallcoverings, Casamance features interesting textures with a focus on creating timeless designs.

  • Opuzen – Based in California, Opuzen grew from a one-woman operation in 1984 to a leading supplier both nationally and internationally. They offer a mix of high-end textures, as well as evergreen basics and dynamic patterns.

  • Jennifer Shorto – A woman-owned company, Jennifer brings her global perspective to her designs, which include innovative patterns as well as classic essentials, with a unique spin on traditional English patterns and historic references.

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